Chromophore: The Two Brothers

Sometimes it just seems like certain developers have a difficult time accurately gauging the amount of time and manpower that goes into producing a game. Be it due to grossly underestimating an ambitious project or due to unfortunate circumstances that set a game back months or years, there are some games that make you wonder if it’ll ever actually be done. For Nintendo fans, Chromophore: The Two Brothers is one such game, though the developer insists that it is still a thing.

Just for some context, the game was announced for the Wii U eShop back in 2012 and was slapped with delay after delay, and then was seemingly shelved when the studio shifted focus to YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, which was also bound for Wii U. Now, neither game has shown up on the platform—although YIIK has been announced for the Switch—so a fan asked Ackk Studios on Twitter if Chromophore is still coming, assumedly for Switch now. Here was their response:

What do you think? Will they ever get this port done? Have you played it on PC? Drop us a comment in the section below.