The Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs saga isn't over yet, despite delays, reboots and a general lack of media attention. The title originally began life in 2014 as a 3D action game based on the cult cartoon show from the '80s, but efforts were scaled back in 2015 when a Kickstarter was launched and the development team was reshuffled.

$96,591 was raised from that campaign, and development of a 2D "16-bit" title began. The title is coming to the 3DS, and after a prolonged period of silence we now have some gameplay footage to gawk at, as well as video of the title running on a Sega Dreamcast:

Things are looking pretty simplistic at present, but the developers are keen to stress this footage is very much "WIP". Were you one of the people who helped fund this game? Are you still looking forward to a release on 3DS, or would you like to see this migrate to your Switch? Let us know by posting a comment.