Ride on!

Remember the Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs video game that was in the works a while back? Based on the '80s anime TV series known as Sei Jūshi Bisumaruku in its native Japan, the title began development at German studio Firehazard in 2010. The aim was to release the game on iOS and 3DS the following year, but developer Chris Strauss - a former Nintendo Europe staffer - revealed that things had hit a bump in the road, resulting in a delay in production and Firehazard being renamed Saber Rider Game Team.

Last year Strauss stated that the team was looking to crowdfunding to complete the project, which appeared to be taking the form of a 3D action title judging from screenshots released around the same time.

However, it would appear that Saber Rider Game Team has had a change of heart and the title will instead be a 2D run 'n' gun title with 3D battle sequences. Nintendo 3DS, Windows, Mac and Linux are the target platforms for this Kickstarter, but there are some pretty amazing stretch goals thrown in for good measure - including Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, SNES, PC Engine and Dreamcast.

Support for amiibo is also listed as a stretch goal, with a special limited edition Ramrod statue promised which will apparently unlock content in the game. It's unknown if the team has asked Nintendo for permission to produce such a figure - something that will naturally be required if it is to use the amiibo branding.

The team is also in talks with Peter Cullen - better known as the voice of Optimus Prime and one of the original voice actors on the US version of the show - as well as original composer Dale Schacker.

You can view all of the stretch goals below.


The developers have cited the 3DS version as the lead platform, and expect the game to launch in late 2016. The team also intends to utilise the extra performance and capabilities of the New 3DS. If the Kickstarter isn't successful in reaching its first goal of $75,000, the developers have stated that the entire project - which is over five years of work so far - will be scrapped.

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