The Nintendo Switch doesn't currently support cloud saves, which means that your precious save data - whether you're playing on a game card or via a digital download - is tied to the console itself. We may see cloud saves in the future - Reggie seems pretty positive about it - but for the time being, if you lose or damage your system you also lose all of your progress.

An interesting story emerged recently regarding a Reddit user by the name of Patsuann, who claimed that having sent their Switch console to Nintendo for repairs, they were able to re-download their save data when the system returned. The story goes that while Patsuann's user account was still on the console, none of the save data was present when it returned from Nintendo. However, booting up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - which displayed a cloud-shaped icon next to its name - triggered an apparent download of save data.

Exciting, right? However, NeoGAF user kudus spotted something fishy in the video - at the start of the footage it is clearly shown that the Zelda game card is not inserted, but there's a cut just halfway through which suggests that Patsuann is up to something.

If you look at the video, when he first boots up the Switch there's no cartridge for Zelda inserted. Then the video cuts, and a cartridge is inserted but now the so-called "cloud save" icon appears above the menu icon. I bet that whatever is downloaded is the patch, and not his save file.

Whatever takes place during the cut we don't currently know - perhaps Patsuann fires up another Switch with save data already on it to fool us - but what we do know is that the process detailed in the video cannot be replicated, as kudos posted their own video debunking the theory. They deleted the save data and the same cloud icon appeared next to Zelda; however, tapping the icon simply downloaded the latest patch but no save data.

Could Patsuann be telling the truth, and Nintendo somehow marked their save data for cloud backup when the console was returned for repairs? Or is this just an elaborate hoax? Sound off in the comments section to share your thoughts.