Go for your gun

Just like Wii Sports before it, 1-2-Switch is perhaps one of the most vital releases for the Nintendo Switch in 2017. A collection of mini-games which show off the potential of the system's Joy-Con controllers, it's clearly intended as tool for selling the console, and it seems to have captured the attention of one of the gaming industry's most famous faces.

Hideo Kojima - formerly of Konami but now developing Death Stranding at his independent studio, Kojima Productions - has been spotted playing 1-2-Switch at the RTX Sydney event in Australia alongside Kinda Funny host Greg Miller.

It took the Metal Gear creator a little time to find his stride, but he did eventually blow his rival away (excuse the video orientation - you'll have to watch this one sideways):

The full "let's play" will be published on Kinda Funny tomorrow. The pair were also spotted larking around near the Zelda: Breath of the Wild stand:

It's great to see Kojima messing about on 1-2-Switch and engaging with Nintendo in general, and it begs the question - could this legendary developer ever bring his games to the Switch? Those of you with long memories will recall that Kojima was responsible for Boktai, a unique game for the GBA which used a sunlight sensor, and at one point he seemed very interested in the autostereoscopic display on the Nintendo 3DS, creating a special version of Metal Gear Solid 3 for it. Hopefully he will be intrigued by Nintendo's latest system, too.

Let us know if you'd like to see what Kojima can do on the Switch by posting your perspective below.