First of all, small spoiler alert. We're not even sure it's a spoiler, but it's a sensitive topic for some so we're calling it one anyway. If you go further than this it's on you...

Link outfit.png

The moment we had our very first glimpse of the next iteration of the Zelda series way back in 2014, something didn't seem quite the norm. We saw a ponytail-rocking Link, but even despite the rad change of hairstyle it was something else that caught the wonders of many. Link was wearing a bright blue garment - colours not accustomed to the legendary hero; it left some (including this writer) speculating if Link would get to wear his traditional green garb in Breath of the Wild.

For a while, Nintendo danced around the topic. Last year Shigeru Miyamoto said the following, but didn't actually confirm whether the green tunic would make an appearance in the game:

I don't know, but there are just a lot of clothes in this game. So maybe if we had green clothes people would want to wear it all the time. And yeah, with the variety of clothes you get, that this game offers, you can really customise your character. And I can't really divulge too much more than this."

In addition, when series producer Eiji Aonuma was asked about where the green tunic had gone, he replied:

I don't know… I wonder.

However, in the midst of an array of Q&A videos with Nintendo France, Aonuma-san has confirmed that the legendary green tunic will be available in the game - though we still don't know how to obtain it/what purpose it will serve. Translating the French subtitles from Nintendo France's video on its Twitter account, we yield the following:

"Bien entendu il y a beaucoup de vêtements disponibles pour le héros, et il sera possible d'avoir la tunique verte que tout le monde connaît."

"Naturally there are many items of clothing available for our hero, and it will indeed be possible to wear the green tunic that everyone knows."

We had a bit of fun digging up a mock-up, though this isn't official art (obviously).

Zelda Breath of the Wild Green.png

So there you have it - a form of the famous tunic will be there, at least. Do you think the green tunic will play a role in the overall narrative of the game, or do you think it will solely serve an aesthetic purpose or suit a particular environment? Let us know your thoughts in the usual place.