With less than two weeks until release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, series creator Shigeru Miyamoto and producer Eiji Aonuma have been speaking about a range of topics surrounding the game and what fans should expect. A recent interview gives an interesting insight into their thoughts ranging across a number of topics; one topic was fan feedback, and whether to take it on board or go with gut feeling when working on a new entry in the series.


Speaking to Game Informer Mr Aonuma said the following:

There is a little bit of a gap between fan feedback and what my strategy was. There was a fan that said he really, really loved Zelda. But while playing Skyward Sword, he missed experiencing this huge world where he could just ride Epona around. During Ocarina of Time, he really loved doing that. And somewhere within myself, I felt the same way. So for Breath of the Wild, it' s something I definitely thought about.

Mr Miyamoto goes on to talk about the difference between the original Legend of Zelda and its sequel Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

The Adventure of Link is almost a completely different game. What we wanted to do was really focus on the action. Whereas Zelda is a game where you learn to grow, and that's how you complete the game. But the adventure of Link is all about action. And, obviously, players can polish their action and become better at it. But we wanted to create a separate game. Back in the day we were using the disk system. So if we really wanted to create an action-based game then we weren't able to create it just as the Legend of Zelda was, so we had to change it. So, in that sense it's almost a completely different series. That's why we named it "The Adventure of Link", it's a very different game.

The full video interview with the duo can be viewed here.

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