The hope is that, in two weeks, we'll be looking at a UK top 40 games chart that has a decent number of Nintendo Switch releases near the top end. Time will tell on that, but for now we're limited to a small number of 3DS titles carrying the fight.

Dragon Ball Fusions finally arrived in Europe and, unfortunately, has been restricted to a modest debut result in the UK. It made its entry down in 36th place in the all-formats chart, which means it wasn't a particularly successful launch; it's arguably a niche release, but that outcome is a little underwhelming nonetheless.

Pokémon Sun is still the top-selling 3DS title in 18th place (all-format) and is now comfortably out-performing Pokémon Moon, which is down to 30th place. Super Mario Maker is in 32nd when counting both versions together, with the latest version on 3DS holding the exact same spot in the single-format chart. Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World has likely had its last week in the list, dropping 14 places down to 40th in the all-format chart.

Not much to shout about from Nintendo UK's perspective, though Pokémon Sun and Moon continue to shift decent numbers.