When the Switch was first officially announced the console's touchscreen wasn't even mentioned, and this led some to speculate that the console's display wouldn't even come with touch capability. The assumption was that because the screen would be covered when the unit was docked, touchscreen support would have to be rethought entirely by developers, and perhaps even discarded altogether.

However, when the full announcement occurred it was confirmed once and for all that yes, Switch does indeed have a touchscreen. Even so, Nintendo has made very little noise about this quite important feature, to the point that none of the promotional footage released so far shows it in action. When we went hands-on with the system recently, we weren't able to play any title that boasted touch support. For the company that introduced touch control to millions with the Nintendo DS, it seems like a strange move.

Thankfully, video of the touchscreen being put to use does exist. The video above shows a demonstration of Skylanders Imaginators, and if you skip to around six-and-a-half minutes in, you'll see that capacitive screen get the prodding it so thoroughly deserves.

So why has Nintendo been so quiet about this killer feature? Perhaps it's because the company line is that the Switch is a home console first and foremost, and when it is played in this mode touch control is impossible. Rather than confuse potential customers by talking about it, Nintendo has relegated touch control to a simple bullet point on the spec sheet.

However, by neglecting to make a song and dance about this element, Nintendo risks missing a key point - the Switch is not only a home console, but can also serve as a viable replacement for your mobile phone or tablet device. Certainly, when in portable mode, the Switch will be able to play a wide range of titles already available on systems such as the iPad - and while this might not be exciting for "core" gamers, it could end up being a vital selling point for parents and "casual" players, especially when faced with that rather steep price point.

Do you think Nintendo is wise to sweep the touch control element of the Switch under the carpet and instead focus on the potential of the Joy-Con controllers, or should the company be talking about it more? Let us know with a comment.

[source eurogamer.net]