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Another week begins, and that means advance warning of what to expect in this week's European Nintendo Download Update. It's a fairly busy line-up this week, with a retail Good-Feel release on 3DS leading the way. There are also promising download-only releases on the Wii U and 3DS eShop, while we have a rare TurboGrafx-16 Virtual Console release for this generation. Let's get to it.

3DS Retail Download

Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World (Nintendo, €39.99 / £34.99) - Good-Feel's cozy 2D platformer comes to the 3DS seeking the portable's expanded audience. Changes include the addition of auto-running Poochy stages, the ability to desigh your own Yarn Yoshi, a Yoshi Theatre full of lovely animations and more. Our review will be with you before the game releases, but until then you can check out our Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World preview. Game available from 3rd February.

New Nintendo 3DS eShop

Lifespeed (Wee Man Studios, €5.99 / £4.99) - In the works since 2015, this New 3DS exclusive focuses on high speed action as you race / fly your way through futuristic courses. We'll get up to speed with a review.

3DS eShop

Punch Club (tinyBuild Games, €9.99 / £8.99) - A title that's previous dealt out damage on PC, this is a management sim of sorts in which you train your boxer to rise through the ranks while also learning about your father's death. It's packed with pop culture references and humour, and from what we recall on PC packs quite a punch in difficulty. We'll go for a KO in our review.

Legna Tactica (KEMCO, €9.99 / £8.99) - KEMCO has brought a number of RPGs to the handheld, often ports of smart device releases. In this case it's a strategy RPG; the title may have tipped you off. These releases are typically solid if unremarkable, but we'll see how this one shapes up.

3DS eShop Temporary Discounts

Power Disc Slam (Chequered Cow Games, €4.39 / £3.99 until 16th February, normally €5.49 / £4.99)

Epic Word Search Holiday Special (Lightwood Games, €3.99 / £2.99 until 23rd February, normally €7.99 / £5.99)

Splat the Difference (Lightwood Games, €4.00 / £3.60 until 9th February, normally €5.00 / £4.50)

Alien on the Run (Joindots, €3.99 / £3.35 until 16th February, normally €4.99 / £4.19)

Crazy Construction (Joindots, €5.59 / £3.99 until 16th February, normally €6.99 / £4.99)

Crollors Games Pack (Nvriezen, €0.99 / £0.93 until 2nd March, normally €1.49 / £1.39)

3DS eShop Permanent Discount

Hyperlight EX (CatfishBlues Games, €4.99 / £4.59, previously €5.49 / £4.99)

Wii U eShop

Shadow Archer (Ultra Dolphin Revolution, €2.99 / £2.69) - With retro-style visuals this games offers a simple arcade-inspired gameplay loop: use your archer to shoot down waves of enemies with limited ammo. Its simplicity turns out to be a strength when combined with the smart design - we enjoyed this in our Shadow Archer review.

Koi DX (CIRCLE Entertainment, €3.99 / £3.89) - This rather intriguing title appears to take place within a Koi pond - obviously - with missions, customisation and more involved in the gameplay. It has some rather handsome visual design and could be worth a look.

Star Splash: Shattered Star (Snails Animation, €3.49 / £2.99) - You play a courageous dolphin that needs to reconstruct and save the Mother Star, which is dramatic. Beyond that this looks like an auto-scrolling runner style of game, with more than 30 levels and a two player mode on offer.

COLOR CUBES (RCMADIAX, €1.49 / £1.39) - Seemingly another score-chaser, in this case you tap to change the colours of boxes with the challenge ramping up and demanding faster reflexes.

BRICK RACE (RCMADIAX, €1.49 / £1.39) - A simple score chaser in which you race a chunky vehicle while avoiding crashes with others; we were rather unimpressed in our review of the New 3DS version.

Wii U Virtual Console

Bomberman '94 (Konami, €6.99 / £6.29) - It's a TurboGrafx-16 title on the Wii U system, a first as far as this writer can recall; there were a number on Wii, and if you own that version of this game a system transfer will entitle you to a lower price. As for this entry in the iconic series it's colourful and a lot of fun, and could be a good warm-up for Super Bomberman R on Nintendo Switch; we enjoyed it a lot in our original Bomberman '94 review.

Gradius (Konami, €6.99 / £6.29) — A second TurboGrafx-16 arrival, not the NES version as we erroneously stated upon original publication. The Konami shooter was integral in the evolution of side-scrolling shooters, and we'll check this out in comparison to the NES version for a review.


Minecraft: Wii U Edition - Villains Skin Pack (Mojang, €1.99 / £1.59)

Wii U eShop Temporary Discounts

Word Party (Lightwood Games, €7.99 / £7.49 until 23rd February, normally €15.99 / £14.99)

Citadale (Nitrolic Games, €2.50 / £2.24 until 2nd March, normally €5.00 / £4.99)

Mortar Melon (Nitrolic Games, €2.50 / £2.24 until 2nd March, normally €5.00 / £4.49)

Plenty of Fishies (Nitrolic Games, €2.50 / £2.24 until 2nd March, normally €5.00 / £4.49)

Rorrim (Nitrolic Games, €2.50 / £2.24 until 2nd March, normally €5.00 / £4.49)

Epic Dumpster Bear (Log Games, €3.24 / £2.49 until 8th March, normally €6.49 / £4.99)

Pinball Breakout (nuGame, €5.00 / £4.00 until 2nd March, normally €7.00 / £6.00)

STEEL RIVALS (nuGame, €5.00 / £4.00 until 2nd March, normally €6.99 / £5.99)

Wii U DLC Temporary Discounts

Runbow - Extra Val-hue Bundle (13AM Games, €5.99 / £5.39 until 16th February, normally €11.99 / £10.79)

Runbow - Satura's Space Adventure (13AM Games, €3.24 / £2.95 until 16th February, normally €6.49 / £5.89)

Runbow - New Costumes and Music Bundle (13AM Games, €3.24 / £2.95 until 16th February, normally €6.49 / £5.89)

Runbow - Professionals Pack (13AM Games, €0.99 / £0.89 until 16th February, normally €1.99 / £1.79)

Runbow - Winter Pack (13AM Games, €1.49 / £1.39 until 16th February, normally €2.99 / £2.69)

Runbow - Anime Pack (13AM Games, €0.99 / £0.89 until 16th February, normally €1.99 / £1.79)

Runbow - Steampunk Pack (13AM Games, €0.99 / £0.89 until 16th February, normally €1.99 / £1.79)

Wii U eShop Permanent Discounts

Defense Dome (Hullbreach Studios, €1.49 / £1.39, previously €1.99 / £1.79)

SDK Spriter (Hullbreach Studios, €9.99 / £8.99, previously €12.50 / £10.50)

That's the full Nintendo Download Update for Europe this week. Let us know what you plan to download in the comments and poll below.

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