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It's that time once again, dear readers, for the North American Nintendo Download Update. This week is relatively light in content, though may have enough to tempt you into a download or two; there are three Culture Brain NES releases on the Wii U, while the 3DS has some word searching and a quirky arrival from Nostatic Software. Let's get to it.

Missed the European Nintendo Download Update? Don't bemoan this cruel, cruel world - the details are still right here.

Wii U Virtual Console

Flying Warriors (Culture Brain, $4.99) - This one has taken a while to make its way to North America, having landed in PAL territories back in 2015. A NES title, your character incorporates a range of attacks and ninja-like abilities as you bash buttons to take out foes; we quite liked it in our Flying Warriors review.

Little Ninja Brothers (Culture Brain, $4.99) - In this case we have a cartoonish RPG-like 8-bit experience; it also features two player support and some 'sports' events that add a nice variety to the gameplay. This one is well worth a look - we explain why in our Little Ninja Brothers review.

Kung-Fu Heroes (Culture Brain, $4.99) - Completing the trilogy of Culture Brain retro releases for the week, this one adopts a top-down perspective and is primarily an action beat 'em up. This was a bit of a favourite when it first landed in 1988, and can still be fun in co-op with a good buddy; you can see what we think of it in our Kung-Fu Heroes review.

3DS eShop

Word Search 10K (Lightwood Games, $7.99) - Another word game from the eShop masters of the genre, this one pitches itself as one enormous word search that covers a lot of topics; it apparently has 10,000 words hidden in a grid of 90,000 letters, split into 100 sections. That's a lot of searching for words...

Candy, Please! (Nostatic Software, $1.99) - Originally a part of The Quiet Collection on Wii U but missing from the Quiet, Please! collection that recently came to 3DS, this one gives you plenty of themed items to find throughout a neighbourhood, naturally while dressed up for the Halloween season.

As always, Nintendo of America is keen for you to browse the eShop and the official Sales and Deals website for new discounts. Deals this week include Kutar Ski Lift, Toon Tanks and Power Disc Slam.

That's the full Nintendo Download Update for North America this week. Let us know what you plan to download in the comments and poll below.

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