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1-UP Studio - formerly Brownie Brown - has been relatively quiet in recent times, though it has been contributing to some Wii U and 3DS releases, including The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes; in fact, its social media posts for much of last year were mostly focused on graduate seminars and recruitment.

A Facebook post this week, however, has fans dreaming of Mother 3 on Nintendo Switch, following the recent revisiting of rumours that it'll come to the Virtual Console in the West; it actually arrived on the Wii U in Japan in late 2015. If Nintendo is going to put this ongoing demand (again, in the West) for the GBA title to bed, doing so on new hardware would be a smart way to fire up some of the company's biggest fans.

That post on Facebook simply shows what seems to be a Switch invite, with the message saying (roughly translated) that it should be 'an interesting year with new stuff coming to the world'.

Image: 1-UP Studio

Of course, 1-UP Studio is a fully owned subsidiary of Nintendo, so it's hardly surprising that it'll be attending Switch events next week. That said, posts like this do boost hopes for that Mother 3 release or, perhaps, a new project in which the company's involved.

All should become clear on 12th / 13th January.