The Game Boy Advance title Mother 3 hits the Japanese Virtual Console service today, and to mark the event Nintendo has released a surprisingly comprehensive trailer.

Mother 3 is the sequel to EarthBound - which was known in Japan as Mother 2. Originally intended for release on the N64's 64DD drive, it eventually ended up on the GBA. The Japanese launch took place in 2006, and while no western release was forthcoming, fans released an unofficial English-language version in 2008.

The chances of Mother 3 making it to the Wii U Virtual Console in the west would appear to be slim, but then that's what everyone said about the original Mother, so who knows? With series creator Shigesato Itoi stating that he will never make another Mother game, localising the third outing is the only way Nintendo can generate revenue from the franchise outside of Japan.

Do you think we'll ever see a western release for Mother 3? Have a watch of the trailer below and then let us know by posting a comment.