One thing that is known about Nintendo Switch's capabilities is that it's set to deliver support for the Unreal engine, an area where the Wii U struggled on a technical level. A good demonstration of that may be found in the full three and a half minute trailer for Seasons of Heaven, a title that'll be exclusive to Nintendo's next-gen system.

Based on a book by Nico Augusto and developed by California-based Any Arts Production, the original story takes place in a 'stripped and barren' Earth that has undergone a great purge; the main characters in the game are a young boy and his dog companion.

We already knew that Seasons of Heaven is looking good aesthetically, and now the extended video shows some of the exploration and puzzle-based gameplay that we can expect.

Do you like the look of this upcoming Switch exclusive? [Update: It's worth noting there are doubts around this title being shared online. We're very much in the 'wait and see what happens' camp, as we often are with ambitious Indie titles in particular, and not all of the arguments for doubting Seasons of Heaven are entirely convincing. There have been some valid points made, though, with a Switch News blog sketching some out. We're not sure it's all bang on the money, frankly, but if you're interested then check out what it has to say.]

With thanks to ThanosReXXX for the heads up.