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In the past generation Nintendo has often relied upon smaller studios to produce some compelling exclusives and ports for its systems, in particular on the eShop or as budget retail titles. That'll likely need to continue on the Nintendo Switch to boost its library, and now there's solid talk about another title coming to the system that may even be an exclusive.

It all started with a tweet by Laura Kate Dale, teasing an announcement of a 'smaller title' for the system.

It didn't take long for users on Reddit to share the following image, rather effectively tying the tease to Seasons of Heaven, a book that's being produced as a video game. As you can see below, the young boy, accompanying dog and the world are very similar between the blurred screenshots and the concept art.

Heaven the Game.jpg
Image: Nico Augusto

Once the pieces are together, there's a lot of evidence that this title is indeed headed to Switch. Below are tweets over the past week or so from author Nico Augusto and Any Arts Production, a studio based in California that shows its love for all things gaming, Nintendo and Star Wars on its Facebook page.

So, what is Seasons of Heaven? Known as The Seasons of Paradise in its original French release, the book follows a group of people in a 'stripped and barren Earth' following a 'great purge':

This story will allow you to experience the awe of discovering the most beautiful, magical place that ever existed while at the same time staying only one step ahead of the dark and vile underbelly of the human race. Most importantly Seasons of Heaven will awaken your imagination and open your mind to possibilities you may never have considered. It will have you on the edge of your seat as you question everything you thought you knew about humanity and begin to realize that the possibility of things existing that can't be seen with our eyes but only felt within our hearts and souls, really do exist.

The book's available on Amazon, and those with a Kindle can read it for free as part of Kindle Unlimited subscription; that's applicable in the UK, at least.

It all seems like a good bet, in any case, but we'll see what gets announced later this week.

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