Nintendo Switch dock.png

It's time for a round of Switch rumours; there are a few. Laura Kate Dale, who we understand to have generally solid sources and has been largely correct in previous reports, has been sharing more updates. In a little twist it appears to be an unfurling of multiple leaks (lighthearted it seems) as a response to LetsPlayVideoGames not getting an invite to the UK version of the Switch preview event in January. A little while ago Kate Dale informed her followers that she'd been 'blacklisted' by Nintendo.

Anyway, on with the report. It relates to the Switch dock, which has often seemed like a basic (and inexpensive) device to simply produce the Switch visuals on a TV. Kate Dale's report backs up this writer's instinct that the dock itself is relatively power-free, but suggests that the USB-C power that drives it - an idea reinforced in some retail listings - is used to help the portable run faster, with some extra fan cooling also kicking in.

This solution would make sense - it's not uncommon for devices to operate quicker when working off an external power supply, before becoming more efficient when reliant upon a portable battery.

In any case, it's a rumour, but one we wouldn't bet against being accurate.