Switch case.jpg

The core purpose of the Nintendo Switch is in the eye of the beholder. Nintendo is pitching it as its next 'home gaming system', which it can be, but many see a portable with the added bonus of easy integration for TV gaming. Is it a handheld that happens to be playable on TV, or a home console that can also be enjoyed on the go? Both? That depends on each individual and their mood at any given time.

The temptation to think of it as a portable stems from the fact the 'console' is the tablet-like device with detachable controllers. Early accessory listings on EB Games - our thanks to reader Billsama for the heads up - certainly target the portable-first crowd, with extras reminiscent of the 3DS generation.

One product being offered is a 3m long charging cable for the Switch; that may not be exciting on the surface, but the listing does back up reports that the system will utilise USB-C, which would enable quick charging and move away from Nintendo's habit of using bespoke ports for chargers.

The second listing of note is a rather nice case, which looks like a hybrid between 3DS and Vita accessories; it has screen protectors (no clamshell design to protect the display, remember) and has slots for holding cartridges.

The world of Switch accessories will likely be vast; these early examples merely reinforce USB charging reports and the fact that plenty will want to play the system on the go.

Back to the original point, do you think of the Switch as a home console first and portable second, or primarily as a handheld that can also be enjoyed on the TV? Or is it both in equal measure? The final answer would probably please Nintendo the most, but let us know where you stand in the comments.