Nintendo's preview trailer for the Switch was clear in its intentions - the core pitch was of a powerful portable console that can deliver a substantial home system, before being easily enjoyed on the go. The idea is simple - play your games wherever you are.

It's only logic, then, that the system will come with both the console (tablet-like device) and the add-on port, though there had been some chatter that alternative bundles could offer the portable alone, perhaps catering to those looking for a less expensive option or only interested in owning a handheld.

Now LetsPlayVideoGames, a site with an impressive record in accurate reports via its sources, has shared an update on how the system will apparently be sold. Citing a Nintendo source, it states that the plan is for the system to be sold with both the console and dock together at launch, in all regions. Alternative bundles such as a console-only (without the dock) could naturally happen in the future, but when the system first arrives in March the key marketing focus will be on the message of gaming seamlessly at home then on the handheld.

This wouldn't be a surprise if it's correct - after all, when a key selling point requires the console and dock together, it's natural that the system will be sold that way. In any case, let us know what you think in the comments.

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