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Back in early November we wrote about a problem with the Wii U Virtual Console release of F-Zero X in PAL territories. The buzz around a release of the 60Hz North American version was quickly lost when it was discovered that there was a notable 'deadzone' in the analogue controls.

Our resident F-Zero X expert Anthony Dickens said the following at the time:

It's horrible. For some unknown reason the analogue stick has a huge deadzone (perhaps up to 25-30%) which makes it almost impossible to play F-Zero X the way I do on a traditional N64 controller. At first I figured this might just be because I'm using the Wii U GamePad, so I tried the Wii Classic Controller and then the Wii U Pro Controller. Nope, they're all the same.

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There's some good news, however, as an update has now gone live to address the problem (our thanks to John Leith for the heads up). It's not a complete fix, but Mr. Dickens has passed this writer the following observations.

There is still a small dead zone (tested with the GamePad and Pro Controller) but it's much better. Still not as good as an N64 pad, but it feels 75% better to me. I think my driving style doesn't help matters as I make quite small adjustments, so I'll still probably stick to the N64 version myself.

That said, it'll probably be fine for anyone who doesn't have a 60Hz N64 original version.

So there you have it. If you have F-Zero X on the Wii U then check out the update and let us know what you think of the improvement to controls.