That's a lot of triangles

It goes without saying that Metroid Prime marked a high point in Nintendo's long history; the game is frequently listed as one of the best in the Metroid series and is even occasionally listed as one of the greatest games of all time. While Retro did an excellent job of designing it from a gameplay perspective, the visuals and performance were equally impressive, as a recent breakdown by Digital Foundry noted.

The new video highlighted just how well Metroid Prime took advantage of the GameCube's hardware, such as how it managed to maintain an unbroken 60 FPS throughout its entire run by utilizing long corridors that passively assisted in loading new assets. It's a fascinating watch for sure, and for those of you that want to cut right to the chase, the analysis begins around the seven minute mark:

What do you think? Has Metroid Prime held up well after all these years? Do you think a Metroid title will ever surpass it in acclaim? Share your thoughts in the comments below.