You may recall that not long ago a streamer surprised his audience and busted out a 'Nintendo Switch', prompting the stream's chat to go into meltdown. Our tagline for an article on the topic was 'keeping it real fake', which gives you an idea of what we thought of it, but there were some that thought in could be legitimate.

Though it looked impressive (even simulating the detachable Joy-Con controllers) there were question marks, and now all doubt has been washed away. Frank Sandqvist, who previously produced the now infamous 'NX prototype', has posted a video to show how this Switch was produced. Once again it's down to 3D printing and a lot of rather careful - and impressive - work.

So there you have it, a recreation of the Nintendo Switch. An impressive effort, though we think it's fair to assume that, right now, the only actual units to be found are under lock and key in the offices of developers.

With global demonstrations and public hands-on opportunities planned for early 2017, it won't be long until we can all get our hands on the real system.