What just happened

In what feels like an unscheduled episode of The Twilight Zone, YouTuber Etika has apparently shown off a Nintendo Switch console during one of his livestreams.

Etika grabbed the console during one of his broadcasts, briefly holding it in front of camera before ducking off-screen to retrieve a Joy-Con pad, which he then assembled and swiftly removed from view.

The video in question has since been taken down, and during the segment, Etika makes several comments about getting into hot water over showing off the system.

You can watch the clip in question by clicking here, but be warned that it contains foul language and a partially-naked, over-excitable YouTuber.

Screenshot 2016-11-14 at 11.33.25 PM.png

After the clip was posted on NeoGAF, many members stated that the console looked fake and could be a 3D-printed copy, given that Etika never actually powers it up. After the fuss that was caused over the 3D-printed NX, it's certainly the most probable scenario - unless Nintendo's marketing plan revolves around handing out Switch consoles to potty-mouthed YouTubers, of course.

We'll leave you to decide where you stand on this, but in the meantime, we're going off to sit in a corner and ponder exactly why anyone would want to spend their precious life watching a half-naked man talk gibberish to camera for hours on end, apart from the very slight chance they might hold up an as-yet-unreleased games console, of course.

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