Generations DLC.jpg

We're on the final stretch of free Monster Hunter Generations DLC, with content due to keep coming up to early 2017. The latest set is distinctly Japanese in flavour, given us a taste of the sorts of outfits, weapons and extras that are no doubt hugely popular in Capcom's homeland.

The DLC quests are all high-rank, and the Capcom-Unity blog says the following:

Most notably we have the Hyper Gold Rathian quest, the Yu-Gi-Oh! collaboration set for your Felynes and one of the most powerful Prowler skills in the game: World's Strongest! Trade your armor for a great increase in attack and defense.

Check out that official page for the full line-up, and this month even has a neat trailer for the content.

Notably there's no item pack this time, so if you've burned through the extras from October you'll need to do some old-fashioned gathering, combining and grinding.

It's a pretty cool month of DLC for Monster Hunter Generations; we'll see what December brings.