It's fair to say that the NES Classic Mini has proven to be rather popular, but sadly Nintendo appears to have massively underestimated demand for the pint-sized console. The shortage of stock has resulted in high prices on the secondary market, with scalpers hitting the web in force.

This whole sorry situation isn't just annoying Nintendo fans, however - two high-ranking Xbox executives have taken to Twitter to voice their disappointment.

Shannon Loftis, GM at Microsoft Studios Publishing, posted her annoyance on the social network after failing to track down a system:

Head of Halo studio 343 Industries Dan Ayoub responded with his own frustrated tweet:

Nintendo has made assurances that more NES Classic Mini stock is coming before Christmas, but it's looking very likely that many people - like Loftis and Ayoub - will be disappointed that Saint Nic isn't bringing them a console.

The refreshed system has been a massive seller, and not just in the west; in Japan, the Famicom Mini has shifted a quarter of a million units in four days.