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As regular readers know, we report on any substantial variations in Nintendo's share value, which typically climbs or falls steeply following major announcements or financial results. Sometimes the political world has a notable short-term influence - the UK 'Brexit' vote shocked markets, before they gradually recovered.

The same has naturally happened following the US Presidential Election, in which Republican candidate Donald Trump defeated the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton. The markets have reacted in some interesting ways, with time zones being a notable factor.

In Japan, where the Tokyo market closed at around 8am UK time (3am Eastern / midnight Pacific), there was a sharp drop as investors and traders contemplated Trump's imminent victory. The Nikkei closed down 5.36%, comparable to the aforementioned 'Brexit' shock. Nintendo's shares followed, losing 6.16% in Tokyo to close on 22,915 yen; comparatively a drop less than 1% further than that of the wider market in Japan.

A graph showing the past 24 hours of Nintendo's share value
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A graph showing the past month of Nintendo's share value
Image: Bloomberg

Other markets began to follow suit, but following Trump's acceptance speech there's been a calming effect. The Guardian's rolling coverage (at the time of publication) is showing markets, commodities and currencies steadying in many (if not quite all) cases, with some losses recovered and trading flattening out.

Laith Khalaf of financial services group Hargreaves Lansdown is quoted as saying the following.

Initial stock market reaction to the Trump victory was a short intake of breath, followed by a shrug.

It would be of no surprise if the initial 'shock' is forgotten and markets largely recover in the coming days. As we did in the case of Brexit, we'll see how the Tokyo market (and by extension Nintendo's share value) fares in the coming days and share an update. The likely money is on a relatively quick recovery barring any dramatic developments.

Finally, we had some internal debate around publishing this article - though we typically cover major swings in Nintendo's share value out of interest, often with the understanding that the effects will likely be temporary, it would be an understatement to say that this is a bit of a 'hot' topic. Emotions for many personally invested in the US election are understandably running high, as a result.

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