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As most reading this will be well aware, plenty of headlines are currently being made by the UK referendum result on whether to remain in the EU or to leave. The result was for Leave, and as a result financial markets (and the British pound) have fallen around the globe; Nintendo along with many others has been affected.

Combining a drop of 7.54% in share value with fairly modest levels in recent months, the closing price of 13,800 Yen on Nintendo shares is actually the lowest it's been since early March 2015. You can see Bloomberg graphs for the last day, month and year below.

Nintendo share price changes on 24th June
Nintendo share price changes for the past month
Nintendo share price changes for the past year

As mentioned above, this has been driven be general trends in global markets. Declines of 7-9% have taken place in stock markets around the globe. The Guardian reports that the Tokyo Stock Market (in which Nintendo's core shares sit) fell by around 7% at the close of trading on 24th June, "the biggest one-day fall since the Fukushima disaster in 2011".

Though there has been a clear shock to the markets, in the coming days, weeks, months and years they'll naturally adjust and (probably) return to normality. Nintendo's drop in share value is ultimately tied to that wider decline, too, so would be expected to climb with the general stock market as that occurs.

It's another reminder, though, how external factors can affect a company's overall value and assets - Nintendo, thankfully, currently has extensive resources and money in the bank.

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