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As we reported last week, an EU referendum result in favour of the UK leaving the bloc (referred to commonly as Brexit) caused chaos in financial markets - Nintendo was among many victims of falling share prices as stock markets struggled. With the first full week of trading now well underway following that result, there are signs that after sizeable drops the markets are recovering; by extension that's good news for Nintendo.

In general the Nikkei recovery in Tokyo has been around 1.5% in the most recent day's trading, as reported by The Guardian; Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also been urging Bank of Japan to also take steps to avoid a 'credit squeeze'. As for Nintendo's share value, after sitting steady near its recent low-point (which was the lowest in over a year) across 27th / 28th June, it has jumped a welcome 4.63% to 14,475 Yen (via Bloomberg) on 29th June.

As you can see in the daily, monthly and annual charts below, that represents a decent price recovery.

Nintendo's stock value over the past day
Image: Bloomberg
Nintendo's stock value over the past month
Image: Bloomberg
Nintendo's stock value over the past year
Image: Bloomberg

Should markets continue to recover from the 'Brexit shock' this Nintendo share value may climb steadily to pre-drop levels in the coming days; time will tell.

As mentioned in our original report it's a reminder that company shares can be at the mercy of broader trends, though Nintendo seems to recover relatively strongly within the broader picture. The company also has, as highlighted frequently in the past, a sizeable balance of cash and assets to keep it in business for a long time yet.

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