We all want to see the Nintendo NX, and we all want to know when it's going to be fully revealed. Nintendo is testing the patience of fans, and from conversations we've had even the patience of some smaller developers; Nintendo's evidently been keeping the project secret and limiting briefings to a limited number of partners. If recent rumours are correct, some retailers are also being shown high-level information on the hardware.

In any case the thirst for solid information - aside from 'details' from all those people with Aunts and Uncles that work at Nintendo - is very real, and as a result comfort is found in the most minor of leads. An example has popped up on Reddit, via a forum post by a Nintendo of Europe employee on the Nintendo Developer Portal. It states that details are coming this year, but something being missed by many is that this forum post is either from 9th May (if it's the European date format as we'd expect in this case) or 5th September (North American format). Either way, it's old.

Forum NX.png

With that date in mind, it does provide a small but interesting insight into the fact that smaller developers in particular are long frustrated by the lack of detail and access to dev kits. We know of multiple 'Nindies' or other indie devs that have been anxious to get involved with the system, but haven't been able to get access.

In any case, this is what the NX information hunt is currently stuck with. Occasionally rumours have some form of veracity, or a level of trust in the sources at least, and many don't. Sometimes forum posts from the Spring are needed to keep hopes of a nearby reveal alive.

Here's hoping that mutterings and suggestions of an October reveal are accurate, as frankly it'll benefit everyone concerned.

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