To be honest the regular Super Turrican soundtrack is stunning as is, with Chris Huelsbeck using the Super Nintendo's Sony SPC700 sound chip to deliver a unique take on his iconic synthpop compositions and even managing to make it one of the very few SNES games to use Dolby Surround in the process.

However, add the digital audio streaming capabilities of byuu's MSU1 custom chip and Chris Hueslbeck's very own 2013 Turrican Soundtrack Anthology and the result is utter aural bliss.

The person responsible for this feat is known as Slamy, who not only managed to release patches for both the European and American versions of the game but also sought out the blessing of Chris Huelsbeck to bundle the required pcm files along with the patch. Head on over to Slamy's Electronic Labs for all the necessary files - except the game itself, of course.

This is certainly a huge treat for Turrican fans out there. Could you have ever believed it was possible for a Super Nintendo to sound like this? Drop your opinion in the comments below. Meanwhile, we here at Nintendo Life are keeping our fingers crossed for that proper Super Turrican version to be released in the future. Shoot or Die!