Star Fox Zero

By this point in time it's a bit of an understatement to say that Star Fox Zero was met with divided opinion. On one hand, the arcade elements that so many fans knew and loved from Star Fox 64 were present and accounted for in this latest iteration, but the dual screen motion controls dealt it all a killing blow. It's not a bad game for what it is, and now Dylan Cuthbert – a developer who worked on the original Star Fox and its cancelled sequel – weighed in with his thoughts on Fox's latest in a recent Reddit AMA.

Cuthbert came off as being indifferent towards the game, mentioning how difficult it is to live up to the sometimes unrealistically high expectations that are brought on by nostalgia. He also talks about how the walker mode was quite similar to the one that would've showed up in Star Fox 2, which had rather odd controls. Here's the quote:

I think platinum did the best with what they were given. That franchise is very difficult to work on and innovate with because people expect/want it to be better than their nostalgia for the game and that's a tall order. The walker mode was close to what we had in the original but of course no one had made a 3D platformer at that point so the StarFox 2 controls are a little odd. Nowadays there are common mappings and better game camera paradigms. A lot of the platform experiments we did were taken directly into Mario 64 by Miyamoto.

For the full AMA, check it out here; Cuthbert has a lot of interesting things to say about past projects and the game development process.

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