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Q-Games boss Dylan Cuthbert is something of a legend in the world of Nintendo. As part of the British studio Argonaut he worked on the SNES version of Star Fox back in the early '90s, and eventually became a full-time staffer at Nintendo, moving from the UK to Japan. He would later establish this own company and has worked closely with Nintendo on titles such as Star Fox 64 3D and Star Fox Command.

It's fitting then that Cuthbert should do a Twitch stream showing him playing the latest instalment in the series he helped to create, Star Fox Zero. The footage - which we should point out contains some bad language - starts with Cuthbert struggling to become accustomed to the game's unique controls, an issue many people (ourselves included) also had. However, after a short time it gets the hang of things and begins to bust some popular myths surrounding the series.

For example, he kills the rumour that the Star Fox team have had their lower limbs replaced by robotic legs in order to better withstand G-forces - that's nonsense, according to the Brit. They're just metal boots.

Another myth surrounds his supposed marriage to Shigeru Miyamoto's daughter - a story which arose from the fact that Miyamoto is seen posing at Cuthbert's wedding. Cuthbert has a good chuckle about this particular rumour, pointing out that Miyamoto doesn't have a daughter. Case closed.

Keeping on the topic of the world's most famous game designer, Cuthbert also reveals that Miyamoto is fond of bad jokes, and recounts a particularly bad-taste quip about being stuck with just one sheet of paper after visiting the toilet in the video - which we won't repeat here, but allow you to listen to at your own risk (it's around the 1:08 mark).