EDIT: The title of this story has been amended to reflect that 16GB is the "standard" game card size. Apologies for any confusion caused by the original title.

Nintendo's decision to eskew optical media in favour of game cards on its forthcoming Switch console is hardly a surprising one when you consider the portable nature of the platform, and we're now hearing reports relating to the size of these cards.

According to The Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki, 16GB is the standard capacity of a Switch game card - lower than the space available on a Wii U disc, which can hold around 25GB.

Given that the remastered version of Skyrim takes up more than 20GB, if that title does indeed come to Switch it will require some serious tweaking to fit on a standard game card.

It's worth pointing out that this is an unconfirmed report, although Mochizuki has been on the money in the past. It should also be noted that this figure is for games released "at launch"; even if it is true, it's likely that it will increase as time goes on.

For example, advances in flash media mean that it's now possible to fit 32GB of storage on such cards.