It's been a full-on day of excitement in the world of Nintendo. The 'NX' and lots of speculation made way for the Nintendo Switch, lots of clarity and a little leftover speculation. Nintendo only released a three minute video and a relatively limited press release, but despite that there's been a lot to consider regarding the company's next generation of gaming.

We've produced plenty of content, but if you need to catch up you should probably check out our guide on everything we now know about the Nintendo Switch; we've also shared our personal reactions to the reveal, too. The key detail is in Nintendo's actual video, of course - check that out below.

We're far from finished with our coverage, but at this point we want to ease off and find out what you think about the system. We've included four polls below, and we hope you'll click some buttons to share your views on the system.

What did you think of the Nintendo Switch reveal video?
Which are your favourite Nintendo Switch features / announcements? (Choose up to 3)

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Do you think you'll buy a Nintendo Switch at launch?

What are you overall feelings about the Nintendo Switch? (1,029 votes)

  1. I think it's amazing46%
  2. I like it and I'm keen to learn more42%
  3. It's too early to say8%
  4. I'm not convinced by it3%
  5. I don't like it at all1%

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Thank you as always for the votes. Be sure to take the chat into the comments section too - we're looking forward to digging deep into the Nintendo Switch reveal and concept in the coming days.