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It's the final North American Nintendo Download Update before Halloween, so naturally there are a few spooky options this week. On 3DS there's a much anticipated retail release, while the portable's eShop has a couple of enticing options for creative gamers. The Wii U eShop has a multiplayer exclusive and a Ubisoft retail title, with some other options also available - let's get to the full rundown.

Missed the European Nintendo Download Update details earlier in the week? Fear not, the information you need is right here.

Wii U eShop

Ectoplaza (Syndicate Atomic, $7.99) - An award-winning Wii U exclusive that features chaotic local multiplayer action, with sling-shot mechanics at its core. There are three core modes and a variety of stages; we'll work on a review, but in the meantime you can learn a lot more about this one in our interview with the developer.

Solitaire (Sanuk Games, $4.99) - This appears to be exactly as the name suggests, a version of the iconic office time-waster on the Wii U.

Demonic Karma Summoner (GNOB Software, $3.00) - With pixel-based visuals, this is described as "a game about passwords, spells, platforming, and dressing demonic animals in kawaii clothes". Could be fun and weird, or weird and bad. We shall see.

Wii U Retail Download

Just Dance 2017 (Ubisoft, $49.99) - This series of dancing games continues to go strong, giving musical movers a chance to show off to a variety of pop hits. This one has a demo available, too.

Wii U Virtual Console

Lost in Shadow (Konami, $19.99) - An interesting arrival in the Wii download stakes, this stood out as a particularly intriguing 2D platformer during the last generation. It has some clever ideas that are put to good use, albeit with a few flaws affecting the experience; you can learn more in our original Lost in Shadow review.

3DS eShop

Butterfly: Inchworm Animation II (Flat Black Films, $5.00) - An impressive-looking follow on from Inchworm Animation on DSiWare, this new entry supports more complex tools and stereoscopic 3D. Whether animating drawings, stop-motion or a mixture of both, it looks to have smart features; you can even record sound effects. Perhaps most impressively it's going to have online sharing linked to

PixelMaker (Nostatic Software, $2.99) - Having previously brought us VoxelMaker, Nostatic now takes a similar approach to producing pixel art. At a budget price this promises the ability to utilise the portable for producing scenes of pixel art, which can then naturally be shared to Miiverse. We enjoyed the Wii U version in our review.

New Nintendo 3DS eShop

Box Up (RCMADIAX, $1.49) - In this title you try to guide a box up a screen (avoiding obstacles) in randomly generated levels.

3DS Retail Download

Corpse Party (XSEED Games, $29.99) - This is an updated version of a PSP remake of the original, with an extra four chapters also added. Don't let the convoluted source of this one put you off, as it delivers its own narrative-driven spin of mature horror on the 3DS. We enjoyed this in our Corpse Party review.

3DS HOME Theme

Mario's Halloween (Nintendo, $1.99)

As is now the norm, Nintendo of America encourages discount hunters to keep an eye on the Sales & Deals website and the eShop for the full line-up of reduced games.

That's everything for the North American Nintendo Download Update this week - let us know what you're planning to download in the poll and comments below.

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