Stop right there if you hate spoilers!

Today the demo for Pokémon Sun And Moon went live, and it hasn't taken long for data miners to dig into the code and unlock secrets that really should have remained hidden until the final game arrives.

Needless to say, if you're keen to ensure the experience is as fresh and surprising as possible then you should leave this page right now, as we've got some major spoilers on the way.

If you're still here following that warning then we can assume you're not bothered about having things revealed, so we'll continue.

Despite the fact that it's only a sample of the full game, the Pokémon Sun And Moon demo contains unannounced Pokémon (including Alolan forms of existing 'mon), final evolutions for the starters and - perhaps most shockingly of all - the much-hyped ultra beasts. According to data miners, the Pokédex for the full game contains 800 Pokémon, but not all are to be found in the demo's code.

Shockingly, data mining took place when the demo for Pokémon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire was released and similar information was extracted - which means that Game Freak has essentially made the same mistake twice. Oops.

You can view some of the new monsters below.

Starter final evolutions:

Alolan versions:

Ultra beasts:

Do you think these leaks will impact your enjoyment of the final game, or are you not bothered? Let us know by posting a comment.