Image: IGN

Yesterday, Nintendo caused quite a stir by confirming Super Mario Run for iOS devices at Apple's yearly conference.

Unsurprisingly, the news triggered Nintendo's share price to leap sharply, rising as high as 18 percent before settling down to a still-remarkable 11 percent at the end of the trading day.

DeNA - the company which has partnered with Nintendo on its mobile games - also benefitted from the announcement, with its shares rising 21 percent before eventually settling down to around 10 percent as the day drew to a close.

The last time Nintendo's shares experiences such a sharp rise was when Pokémon GO was launched. However, the company's value dipped when investors became aware that Nintendo wasn't as directly involved with the game as they had assumed, and would therefore gain "limited" financial reward from its success.

Given that Super Mario Run is a Nintendo-developed game, we're unlikely to see these gains melt away quite as fast - although that is obviously dependant on the success of the app itself, which appears to be free-to-download and offers players a one-time payment to unlock all of its content.

Given that Pokémon GO's revenue is driven by IAPs, it will be interesting to see if Mario can generate quite as much cash as those popular 'mons in the light of its one-time payment strategy.