Digger Dan DX.png

Earlier in the year the rather charming Digger Dan DX was taken down from the 3DS eShop - First Star Software, which owns the rights to Boulder Dash, had issued the takedown. Thankfully the matter was resolved, and developer Four Horses has been working to get Digger Dan back on the store.

The good news is that it's now live once again, and 25 extra caves have been added into the game for free; they're "designed to test the abilities of only the best Digger Dan DX players". They're included with new purchases, and existing owners can also get them by applying an update to the game through the eShop.

Though it took a while to get back, it's good news that a likeable title has made its way back onto the store.

Are you a fan of the game, or contemplating giving it a spin with its extra content? Let us know in the comments.