All's well that ends well

At the weekend we reported on the news that the likeable title Digger Dan DX had been removed from the 3DS eShop due to a takedown notice from First Star Software, the company which owns the rights to the thematically similar Boulder Dash.

It would appear that this problem has now been solved, as Four Horses staffer Michael Waites has been in touch to pass on the following good news:

I am happy to announce that I received an immediate response from First Star Software, Inc. having contacted them on Sunday, and we have already settled this issue to our mutual satisfaction. (In fact I'm thrilled with the terms.) I hope to get Digger Dan DX back on sale as soon as possible though, due to the re-submission processes with Nintendo, this may take a few months. Hopefully much less. (I don't know yet.)

Fingers crossed Digger Dan can tunnel his way back to the eShop sooner rather than later.