Yo-Kai Watch 2, which comes in two versions - Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls - is heading to North America at the end of September. The good news is that after the first entry suffered a delay of nearly five months before arriving in PAL territories, the sequel is going to be much closer behind.

Following the outing of ratings recently Nintendo Australia & New Zealand has confirmed that the games will arrive in those countries on 15th October, just two weeks after the North American release. The first series of the TV show is viewable on Netflix, while the expanded range of toys to tie into the new games will arrive in February 2017.

Oddly that trailer was shared in a press release but is unlisted on YouTube, with a name that suggests the announcement could have been planned for E3. We've also asked Nintendo UK with regards to a European release, and will update this article once we receive a reply.

In any case the gap between regions seems to be getting closed down this time around, which seems sensible as Level-5, Nintendo and various partners try to take the franchise to another level in the West.