While it's slim pickings for the rest of the year on the Wii U retail side of things, we always have Paper Mario: Color Splash to look forward to.

We love the charming little faux-retro trailer which Nintendo have put together for this upcoming game. Rescue V are a group of daring Toads who are out to save the world - with a little help from Mario, of course.

In the video you can get a feel for how these trusty Toads help Mario progress in the game. By banding together to form a bridge for Mario or offering some grunt to pull an object, it's clear to see that the band of Toads are vital to Mario's success.

We recently got hands on with Paper Mario: Color Splash and with its silly demeanor, flashy world, witty inhabitants and arcade button presses, it's fair to say that it will have wide appeal.

Paper Mario: Color Splash arrives on Wii U on 7th October 2016 in Europe. Is this on your watch list?