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Being a SEGA fan is a strange experience, as it encompasses undying love and commitment to the company along with angst, suffering and fear. The at-times-disastrous Sonic the Hedgehog anniversary party was almost glorious in its shoddiness (with a couple of tasty game reveals to make us feel better), and the company continues to poke fun at itself. Also, quietly, it publishes quite a few really good PC games, which barely anyone notices have the SEGA logo on them.

On the weird and dodgy side of the SEGA coin we have its approach to Sonic and, to an extent, European releases. The SEGA Europe YouTube channel did an infamous tease of a 'reveal' during E3, culminating in a wonky live stream where the reveal was a competition for anniversary party tickets. In May it also confirmed that the long awaiting SEGA 3D Classics Collection would come to Europe, before ignoring it for the last three months.

Now, in the coup de grâce to end this weird approach to marketing - which has worked because the likes of us are writing about it in baffled tones - it's put the release date announcement for that title front and centre of a live stream for its SEGA Central show. That live stream that is three days away, and we'll finally have details on when this 3DS title will hit the EU.

In a way we admire the winking and nudging approach to marketing here, and with a release as good as SEGA 3D Classics Collection we're happy to play ball - even though European gamers have had to wait a while as gamers in North America get stuck into the collection.