Project AM2R turned many heads upon release and continues to do so despite the fact that Nintendo's legal department is clearly unamused by the stellar fan effort.

Sadly the initial release introduced some unsuspecting players with a game breaking bug related to the Gravity Suit. The project creator has address this issue and a few others with version 1.1 of the game. Changes are as follows.

Changes v1.1:

  • Fixed gravity suit not being rendered in certain systems.
  • Fixed room transition in area 3 entrance.
  • Fixed language file detection, the game can be fully translated now.
  • Added transport pipe to final area.
  • Other minor fixes.

Also note that the developers have now made the whole game's script easily editable by opening the english.ini file in your text editor of choice. If you are blessed with good knowledge of other languages, feel free to give a helping hand. Chozo literates need not apply.

As for where you can find the update now that Nintendo has stepped in, you'll have to figure that one out for yourselves - but be careful when downloading files from unknown sources.