Though we can expect the usual new trailer and website updates from The Pokémon Company for the week's planned Pokémon Sun and Moon reveals on 11th/12th August, as always CoroCoro magazine has a handful (but probably not all) of the details; naturally scans have already leaked online.

Serebii has done some initial translations, and what we have are two brand new Pokémon, some varieties of existing 'mon and a first look at the antagonists, Team Skull.

First of all we have sandcastle-like 'mon, both Ghost / Ground types. The small one is called Sunabaa while the larger one is called Shirodesuna.


Next up is Water-type Yowashi, which seems to transform into a larger 'School' form.


We also see the pre-evolved Bewear, called Nuikoguma (naturally a number of these names will be localised for the full reveal later this week).


We also have more Alola forms, variations on Pokémon that adjust to their environments. There's a Fire/Ghost-type Alolan Marowak and a Dark-type Meowth, both on the left side below.

Pokemon 4.jpg

Finally, we have a look at the rather sinister Team Skull, with two notable figures here being the boss Guzma and a girl called Plumeri.


Lots of Pokémon Sun and Moon details to take in there. We can expect official details (including some tweaks in localised names) later in the week - what do you think?