As we await the official Nintendo NX reveal, with reported sources and logic suggesting a September unveiling, more reports and snippets of potential information are to be expected. Another to pitch in is Digitimes, a publication that often pops up when there are rumours around manufacturing new hardware.

Digitimes is citing 'Taiwan-based supply chain makers' in claiming that following some trial production in Q3 this year (any time now up to the end of September) full manufacturing on the NX is due to commence in Q4 (October to December). That is certainly logical in light of Nintendo's repeated assertions that it's planning a global March release for the hardware, just before the end of its financial year at the end of that month.

In terms of a manufacturing breakdown it seems to draw on previous reports in terms of the companies involved.

Over 40% of initial production will be undertaken by Foxconn Electronics and the remaining by Japan-based Misumi Electronics and Hosiden, the sources said. Taiwan-based component makers will include chassis maker Foxconn Technology, NAND flash memory maker Macronix International, CMOS image sensor design house Pixart Imaging and power supply maker Delta Electronics, the sources indicated.

Digitimes also claims that "NX will use Nvidia's ARM-architecture Tegra X1", citing sources. This certainly backs up the original Eurogamer reports pointing to NVIDIA Tegra technology, though there's some educated speculation (from the likes of Digital Foundry) that the NX could utilise the upcoming Tegra X2 - especially in light of NVIDIA not announcing a Shield-type device to showcase the new chipset as yet.

In any case, the timeline for manufacturing does at least make sense. The NX is getting a little more real with each passing week, though we eagerly await Nintendo's official reveal.

With thanks to Benson for the heads up.

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