MHG August DLC.jpg

Monster Hunter Generations has a lot of DLC on the way, all of it free into early 2017. The August batch is now available to download, and it's got some rather fun outfits and more to collect.

There's a lot on offer, with three Nintendo franchises included in addition to some sporty efforts no doubt produced to tie-in with the Olympic Games.

First off there are eight regular quests, the majority of which are High level - so you have to really earn them. Highlights include Varia and Zero Suits, along with Okami and Olympic themed outfits for both hunters and Palicoes.


Four Prowler Quests (three High, one Low level) unlock the rather neat The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker outfit set, along with some Animal Crossing goodies.


There are some other extras, but if nothing else you should speak to your housekeeper and select 'claim items', as the following Support Pack has a lot of useful resources.

99x Honey
30x Nitroshroom
30x Energy Drink
10x Max Potion
30x Lifepowder
5x Health Flute
5x Demon Flute
5x Armor Flute
20x Hunter's Drink
20x Barrel Bomb L+

Check out the comprehensive list of quest names and so on via the Capcom Unity link below - are you going to try and earn all of these outfits?