As you've no doubt seen this week, a fan-made Metroid II remake called AM2R arrived to much acclaim before its various download hosts got hit by takedown notices. By that time many had already downloaded it, of course, as Nintendo asserted its ownership of the copyright.

It was an episode that upset plenty of Metroid fans, though it was hardly surprising. In a post earlier this week, however, its creator posted an update on the game's blog that dealt with the situation with a great deal of class. We missed it up to now, so thanks to reader RupeeClock for the prompt.

Milton 'DoctorM64" Guasti writes about the project's development and switch in coding tools / languages, and how skills learnt helped him secure work as a programmer. Though some updates and improvements are planned for the game, Guasti expresses satisfaction with the overall experience. Towards the end he asks fans to not hold the week's events against Nintendo.

Please, don't hate Nintendo for all of this. It's their legal obligation to protect their IP.

Instead of sending hate mail, get the original M2 from the eShop. Show them that 2D adventure platformers are still a thing people want.

It's not easy to agree with Nintendo's over-zealous policies against fan-made games, though in this case the AM2R creator is evidently happy with the experience gained making the game.

It's certainly worth checking out the full blog post linked below.

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