Monster Hunter Generations hasn't been out long, and it'll be interesting to see whether it can achieve similar success in the West to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which was touted as a breakthrough release. In Japan, however, there's never any question over whether a major MH title will do well - the franchise remains hugely bankable in the country.

Capcom doesn't miss a trick in promoting the series in its homeland either, with multiple releases not seen in the West along with various tie-ins / events. One of the biggest occasions is MHFesta, an expo for all things Monster Hunter.

Capcom Europe has put together a nice video to show what the 2016 event was all about; it looks amazing for fans of the series.

Arrekz Gaming also has a video from the event (below), while Gaijin Hunter makes a cameo in Capcom's tour; the link for the latter YouTuber will take you to a list of amazing tips videos for Generations.

Do you hope to go to MHFesta some day, or have you already been? Let us know in the comments.