Splatoon discount edit.png

Splatoon has had an impressive run on the Wii U since its 2015 launch, from its 'kid now / squid now' song becoming a bit of a meme to critical and public acclaim for its gameplay. There have also been lots of updates, new content and Splatfests of various kinds. An era is now sort of ending, though, with the last Splatfest due soon.

As a warm-up for that final online contest Nintendo of Europe has started a 25% discount on the eShop, which is available until 21st July. It's not a discount that'll paint the town red, as such, but it's welcome nevertheless.

As a reminder there's also been a recent update to support the new amiibo, along with some fixes and tweaks to the game. In addition a Callie and Marie course is due in the next 24 hours - at the time of writing - in Super Mario Maker.

There's plenty going on, then, and those at the Japan Expo in Paris on 8th July will also see the Callie and Marie live show that's proven so popular in Japan - Nintendo of Europe has shared a rehearsal video below.

Are you planning to grab Splatoon at a discount in Europe, or are you a veteran warming up for the final Splatfest?