Callie vs. Marie

One of the most popular and enjoyable aspects of Splatoon has been the semi-monthly Splatfests. These day-long, team based competitions took the core idea of Splatoon and expanded on it a bit, allowing players to pledge allegiance to a certain team, with a winning team decided at the end of it all based on popularity and victory. Up until now, there have been fourteen Splatfests – spanning various pop culture references or "Would you rather?" questions – and the fifteenth one will be taking place next month. Oh, and it'll be the last one, too.

Callie and Marie, the Squid Sisters, have always been the mascots of the teams for each Splatfest, so it seems fitting that this final confrontation will be centered squarely around the duo, pitting Team Callie against Team Marie. The battle begins on July 22nd at 2 AM PST/8 AM UK and will run until 2 AM PST/8 AM UK on Sunday the 24th. Though the battle will be taking place simultaneously around the world, players will be battling other players within their region, and the top 100 players of each region will be announced along with the final results. The stages will be decided based on player votes ahead of the main event; you can vote via an email that will be sent out later this week to the email registered to your NNID.

What do you think? Are you sad to see Splatfests ending? Which side will you take? Drop us a comment in the section below.