We recently reported on the fact that Pokémon GO has reached the level of awareness that it's being parodied by The Simpsons, and today we've got another example of the app's power to penetrate the consciousness of the mainstream media. In short, it got a mention during a WWE broadcast, which - in the US at least, is a sure sign you're onto something pretty big.

Xavier Woods - who is a member of current tag-team world champions The New Day and a self-confessed gaming addict - interrupted an interview segment to boast of his Pokémon GO skills, and even threatened to name all 151 of the Generation One monsters.

This piece of public Pokémon adoration already makes Woods a pretty cool guy in our eyes, but when you consider he rocks amazing shirts like this one, it was never really in doubt.

Thanks to Arjun Keval Joshi for the tip!